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5 Things We Love About Child Care

Child care is not just a necessity for working parents; it plays a vital role in our society as the backbone of our economy, enabling families to thrive. High-quality child care has far-reaching effects on our community and economy as a whole. There are so many reasons that we, as

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First 5 San Mateo County Stands for the End to Gun Violence

Our vision of success for every child means that children should have the opportunity to grow up with security, safety, stability, and respect from the first days of their lives. Creating success for every child is about constructing a nurturing and limitless future that we hope to leave the next

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Newsletter: The Next Decade of Thriving Families

Read about the 2022 Child Care Needs Assessment, share stories about what child care means to you, hear from Family Connections’s Eric Valladares about why he chose to vaccinate his children, register for a webinar about children and gender identity, and while you’re at it, sing the Dragon Song. All

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JOIN US for Breakfast! Thriving Families Symposium: The Next Decade

The San Mateo County Child Care Needs Assessment found a critical child care shortage in San Mateo County with serious implications for our community. We ask you to partner with us to identify community solutions to ensure our communities have equitable access to high quality, affordable childcare. To turn data

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