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COVID-19 Family Story Project

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, families weathered unforeseen impacts in stride. In 2021 and 2022, First 5 San Mateo partnered with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to create the Family Story Project and hear about those impacts from families themselves. Through zoom interviews, 40 families from 10 communities shared their experiences and perspectives about the challenges and barriers faced during the pandemic, family and community strengths that helped them overcome obstacles, and families’ hopes & dreams for their children. Read the full report and watch the video below to learn about their stories.

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Changing Systems, Changing Lives

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What Are Your Hopes & Dreams for Your Children?

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SMC Neighborhoods are Stronger Together

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Weather Any Storm

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Findings and Recommendations from the Project

During the project, parents shared what more aligned systems would look like to them. Get the details about their challenges and supports and the investments that families are looking for. 

Download this one-pager to read some of the findings from this project.

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