Our Impact

We are changing the conditions that affect children and families’ well-being so that all children can thrive.


San Mateo County has greater income inequality than any other county in California. The average income of the top 1% of residents is nearly 50 times greater than the average income of the bottom 99%.

This means that children in San Mateo County face very different opportunities. Outcomes for children are too frequently driven by socioeconomics: children in high-income families have better outcomes than children in low-income families. Children living in low-income families are less likely to visit the dentist, attend preschool, be read to daily, and have access to enrichment activities. They are more likely to be diagnosed with a developmental disability and to have a parent dealing with depression. Poverty, systemic racism, and bias can have real and lasting effects.

Access to supports and services for children is critical during their early years. First 5 San Mateo County works to reduce barriers to access, improve services, and create connections between services so that children and families can get the support they need and all children are able to thrive.

Families in San Mateo County

children age five and under
0 %
of all children 0-5 live at or below federal poverty standards
0 %
of families with children live below the self-sufficiency standard for San Mateo County

Economic challenges disproportionately affect Black and Latino families:

31% of all Black children 0-5 in San Mateo County live in poverty.

20% of all Latinx children 0-5 in San Mateo County live in poverty.

Who We Serve

First 5 San Mateo County targets its investments to reach those families most in need of support. Our investments support children and the adults that care for them. In 2020-2021, we served:

children age five and under
primary caregivers

Demographics of the children and caregivers we serve:

Race and ethnicity (%)

AI/AN- 3.9%
Asian- 10%
Black/African American- 4.5%
Latino- 66%
Pacific Islander- 3.5%
White- 7%
Multicultural- 4%
Other/Unknown- 3.9%

Primary language spoken in the home (%)

Spanish- 49%
English- 44%
Asian Languages- 3.2%
Bilingual English/Spanish- 3.3%
Other/Unknown- 0.5%

How We Invest


Family Functioning- $948,179
Child Health- $974,474
Child Development- $1,394,373
System Change- $1,196,220

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