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Parents and caring adults have the biggest influence on a young child’s ability to thrive. Find resources and tools to help you as a parent.

As a parent, you are the most important person to your child. Your relationship is the foundation from which your child will learn about the world.

Parents and other caregivers are better able to build warm and consistent relationships with children when they have resources and support. That’s why we fund and partner with programs that provide ongoing, individualized, professional services and support to children and their families. 

We are partners in your parenting journey.


Supporting Parents & Families

In their first five years, children grow and learn from everything around them. Supporting your child is simple. You can help your child’s healthy development by actively engaging with them—talking, reading, singing and playing. These resources can help.

Early Childhood Development

Learn more about how your baby develops from birth to age five.

Local Family Resources

Get connected to information about young children and local resources to help your family.

Kit for New Parents

A welcome gift for your new baby from First 5 San Mateo. Information is delivered to your door.

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"Parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. You have the power to change your child’s future."
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