Community Toolkit

Community Toolkit

Resources for supporting young children.

This toolkit is intended to help our partners and others in San Mateo County collaborate in our shared effort to prioritize children and families across San Mateo County.

We update and add tools to the toolkit as appropriate. Sign up for our mailing list to receive important updates.

Advocacy and Impact

Our Advocacy Work

Information on current policies and issues we support

First 5 Association

We are members of the First 5 Association and support its whole child, whole family policy agenda.

All Together Now

A statewide campaign to highlight the need to prioritize children in policy and budget decisions.

20 Years of Impact

Infographic on First 5 San Mateo County's more than 20 years of impact.

First 5 Center for Children's Policy

Research and policy thinking to improve early childhood systems.

San Mateo County Child Care Partnership Council

We support the Council's local policy platform and work.

Trauma and Family Resiliency


Participate in our initiative supporting trauma-informed practice, and find resources to support resiliency

Peaks & Valleys: COVID-19 Family Story Project

These parents shared what more aligned systems look like to them.

Early Learning and Care

Working to Increase Child Care Facilities

Overview of the need and our work to increase child care facilities.

Build Up San Mateo County

An initiative to grow and improve the supply of early care and education facilities

Child Care Partnership Council

A joint council of the SMC Board of Supervisors & the SMC Superintendent of Schools.


Put a Pause on Pot

Flyer for expecting parents sharing information on marijuana and pregnancy.

Improving Oral Health for Children 0-5

Overview of the need and our work to support oral health.

ACEs Aware

Resources for understanding ACEs and why they matter for families.

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