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Preparing children for lifelong success.

Prioritizing young children and those who care for them is critical so our community can thrive. The first five years are the most important time of a child’s development, and a time when lack of access to opportunity can have the greatest negative impact. Striking disparities in what children know and can do are seen by kindergarten–and these differences are strongly associated with children’s social and economic circumstances.

Although San Mateo County is one of the wealthiest regions of the nation, the cost of living here is high and the county has the greatest income inequality of any county in California. Self-sufficiency is a struggle for many families, and too many children in our county face adversity due to inequity. In fact, children living in low-income families are less likely to visit the dentist, attend preschool, be read to daily, or have access to enrichment activities. They are more likely to be diagnosed with a developmental disability and to have a parent dealing with depression.


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As a strategic financial investor, community partner, and community leader, First 5 San Mateo County works to change that by ensuring equitable opportunity for all children. By supporting children and families’ well-being, and by strengthening the systems that support children and families, we can help ensure more children have the environments and opportunities they need to thrive.

We invest, engage, and lead so that all young children can prosper socially, emotionally, and economically. 

"At First 5, we work to ensure children’s needs are met, their families are supported, and their future is a priority."
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