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for Kids


Take action for kids. 

Making a difference for San Mateo County’s children is possible when community organizations, policy makers, businesses, and residents understand the importance of supporting young children and their families, and work together to mobilize resources. 

At First 5 San Mateo County, we want all young children to prosper socially, emotionally, and economically. This means working to overcome the tremendous inequities that face children and families, including poverty and racism. It means ensuring that all of the systems that impact families’ lives are accessible, equitable, and family centered. It also means lifting up and celebrating our county’s incredible families and communities—the people that make San Mateo County special.

Will you join us?

Ensuring that all children have what they need to achieve their potential is a significant undertaking that requires a community effort—a common understanding, shared ownership, willingness to change, and commitment to providing equitable opportunities for all children.

San Mateo County thrives when community-wide partnerships and investments focus on young children. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that children and families have access to basic needs, supportive environments, and nurturing relationships. 

When this happens, we all benefit—because our county has healthy families, a vital workforce, and strong communities.


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"Together we can transform how our county’s services, supports, and systems work for young children to ensure success for every child and guarantee better outcomes for San Mateo County."
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