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It’s CalEITC Week. Get a Check in the Mail for Filing Your Taxes.

The Governor is celebrating the chance to send over $1 Billion to California parents just for filing their taxes. The California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) is a cash refund on your taxes– you will receive a check in the mail once you file. CalEITC is a supplemental boost to the federal Earned Income Tax Credit. Research suggests the credit leads to long-term positive outcomes in health, financial stability, and education for working families. This week we celebrate the power of CalEITC and call on community leaders across the state to help us connect even more eligible families to the credit, including families and individuals in San Mateo County! 

More than 4 million low-income families making $30,000 or less may be eligible for the credit in tax filing year 2022. Unlike the federal tax credit, CalEITC is eligible to both qualifying households filing with Social Security Numbers as well as with Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs).

With up to $3,160 from the CalEITC in tax filing year 2022 — and an additional $1,000 from the Young Child Tax Credit to qualifying households with children — hardworking California families can use their cash-back refunds to do anything from paying bills and buying groceries, to paying down debt and getting on a path to financial stability.

Thousands of dollars in hand can be a huge relief for you and your family. So how do you get access to your money? Remember, you earned these credits, and can claim them for free — simply by filing your taxes! File your taxes to get some of your income back from the state.

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