Celebrating the Present and Future of San Mateo County’s Children (Week of the Young Child 2024)

As parents, caregivers, and members of the community, we often hear about the importance of early childhood. But what exactly does it mean to invest in the first years of a child’s life, and why is it so crucial? This week, the entire early childhood community is celebrating all of the incredible ways children can be set up for success from the very beginning. 

That’s right, it is the Week of the Young Child! 

The Week of the Young Child is celebrated annually in April to recognize the needs of young children and thank the adults involved in their education and care. This celebration often lasts all month and focuses on raising awareness about the importance of early learning and early childhood programs among parents, families, community leaders, and the general public! 

Why is investing in the early years crucial?

Investing in the early years of a child’s life is about laying a strong foundation for a vibrant and resilient future. Research consistently shows that experiences in the earliest years of life have a profound impact on brain development, social-emotional skills, and overall well-being. By providing children with quality early learning experiences and nurturing environments, we set them up for success in school and beyond.

Investing in young children is about fostering creativity, curiosity, and a love for learning that stays with them for a lifetime. These are the years when the most foundational connections are being built in children’s brains. Those neural connections are foundational tools our brains use  all our lives to learn new skills, form happy relationships, and equip us for school and life successes! 

What does it mean to invest in the early years?

First 5 San Mateo County is dedicated to supporting the healthy development of young children and their families from every background. First 5 San Mateo County strives to ensure that every child has access to high-quality early childhood experiences that support their unique needs.

That means helping ensure that children experience play-based activities, evidenced-based curriculum instruction exploration, and positive interactions with caring adults at home and in early learning programs, so that children develop essential skills such as problem-solving, communication, and self-regulation. 

We invest in making high quality early education accessible to all families in San Mateo County, through initiatives like Build Up, and we support the incredible early educators who care for our county’s young children and ensure they’re learning and growing each day. 

We help ensure that all children have access to services that support their development through Help Me Grow. And we work to make sure that families are supported, have access to the services they need, and feel like they belong in our county–because they do.

The early years matter to all of us

Celebrate the Week of the Young Child with First 5 San Mateo County and our partners all month long! Check out some of the incredible ways we are celebrating right here in San Mateo County!

By investing in the early years of our children’s lives, we not only ensure their success but also contribute to the well-being and prosperity of our community as a whole. Let’s come together to champion the importance of early childhood and create a brighter future for San Mateo County’s youngest residents.