Family Development Credential Class

The Family Development Credential Class is coming back.

The FDC program is a professional development course and credentialing program to learn and/or enhance skills of strength-based family support with families.

This FDC course is offered to San Mateo County individuals that would like to build their professional skills of partnering with families. Staff members work with families across the life span including families with young children, teen parents, retired people, people with disabilities, and many other groups are perfect for this class.

You will:

  • Complete 90 hours of interactive classroom instruction based on the Empowerment Skills for Family Workers curriculum.
  • Prepare a Skills Portfolio with support of a portfolio advisor.
  • Pass a program credentialing exam.

Please see the attached flyer for December info sessions & some highlights of what the class is about starting in January 2022. This class is for anyone working in San Mateo County! This class is free for 10 community members. Please email Leanne at to register for the info sessions.

Download the Flyer!

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Silicon Valley Community Foundation Family Story Project

Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, families have weathered unforeseen impacts with strength and fortitude. The Silicon Valley Community Foundation set out to collect family stories of experiences, challenges, and hopes for their children’s future. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, families have been forced to be resilient. It is time that they have the real systemic support they need so that they don’t have to be. These families welcomed every opportunity they got to do better, to work harder, to learn and grow for themselves and their children. Their stories reflected their sense of community, expressing a desire to lift their families and their communities up. They contribute so much despite all the hurdles they must navigate. 

Family stories have been compiled as one video but these short clips highlight some of the most potent moments experienced throughout the pandemic:

Changing Systems, Changing Lives

Watch with subtitles: Chinese | Spanish | Tagalog

What Are Your Hopes & Dreams for Your Children?

Watch with subtitles: Chinese | Spanish | Tagalog

SMC Neighborhoods are Stronger Together

Watch with subtitles: Chinese | Spanish | Tagalog


Weather Any Storm

Watch with subtitles: Chinese | Spanish | Tagalog


Parents- Ask Your Doctors for ACEs Screenings

Parents, your voice is critical in expanding access to the ACEs screening for San Mateo County’s children. When you visit the doctor with your child, ask them for an ACEs screening. Sharing key experiences with your healthcare providers will ensure that your child is getting the most informed, complete care possible. 

Listen to the providers below encourage parents to ask for the screenings, share some of their patients’ successes, and speak to the mental and physical health benefits of this screening for your child.

Are you a healthcare professional or community partner who works with families? Learn more about our ACEs Aware work and find resources.