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Power of Play

Children play to figure out how the world around them works. Getting enough playtime – and especially time playing with parents – is essential to their development.

Here are some quick tips and resources to help you have fun, explore and learn together.

  • Be your child’s play date. Let them decide what they want to play and follow their lead.
  • Turn everyday objects and chores into toys and games – plastic cups become blocks, boxes become drums, laundry becomes sorting colors, the grocery store becomes a treasure hunt.
  • Feel the music – dancing and singing is a great way to connect. Even infants love to be twirled and serenaded.
  • Classic games like peek-a-boo, hide and seek, tag and “pretend” never get old and let your child use their senses and imagination.
  • Start to make up a story and let your child finish it. You will be amazed at what they come up with.
  • Remember talking, reading and singing are a big part of playtime. Even babies that don’t talk yet are building language skills when you talk, read and sing to them.

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