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Child with curly hair reading a book in mom's lap

Early Learning

90% of your baby’s brain grows in the first 5 years. Everyday interactions determine how brain cells form and connect. Free and fun activities like talking, reading and singing make all the difference!

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The building blocks for early learning are strong relationships, experiences, emotions and play. Everyday activities are great opportunities to learn. We have lots of information to support you as your child’s first teacher.

Kit for
New Parents

This essential kit is full of FREE baby gear for parents, grandparents and others who care for children.


Everything you need to know to get your child ready to start school.


Quality counts. Learn how to find the best child care for your child.


Resources for children with autism, developmental delays and special needs ages 0 to 5. Or if you have questions about your child’s development

Power of

Think play is just for fun? Children learn to communicate, problem solve and get along with others by playing.

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Parent-tested tips for early learning and more from Zero to Three.

the Otter

Potter is a lovable otter who loves to drink water and be healthy. He wants you – and any young children you know – to do the same.


Our world is full of digital devices. What you need to know about your child’s development and screen time.