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First 5 San Mateo County understands we cannot do it alone. In order to have the greatest impact on children and families, we must leverage our resources and create strategic community partnerships. We build needed infrastructure to support our investments and develop broad-based coalitions to drive sustainable change.

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First 5 San Mateo County on PenTV Voice

May 1, 2019

Executive Director, Kitty Lopez, visited Peninsula TV Voice to update the community about First 5 San Mateo County’s investment in the community over the last 20 years and where it is headed in the future.

Strong Start Index

America has long prided itself on being a land of equal opportunity and upward social mobility, a place where those from even the humblest of backgrounds can flourish on the strength of their hard work. But we don’t always stop to think deeply about what it means to give every child in our communities the opportunity to reach their potential. We may think about financial aid for college, mentorship programs for middle-schoolers, or equitable funding for public schools. But access to opportunity starts much earlier than that.  It starts before children enter preschool.  It starts with parents who have health insurance, enough food, and stable jobs with decent pay. In our society, unequal opportunity is evident even before a child is born.

The California Strong Start Index is a new tool designed to explore the geographies of opportunity into which children are born. Developed by the Children’s Data Network, the Index is built from twelve health, financial, family, and service indicators that are universally captured on California birth certificates[1]. By examining the average Index scores for geographies such as census tracts, it is possible to identify locations where babies are more likely to be born into families and communities that lack some of crucial resources children need to thrive.

San Francisco and San Mateo Counties have the highest average Strong Start Index Scores in the State, at 9.9 out of 12. But if we only look at the county average, we will miss the very inequality of opportunity the Index intends to uncover. In San Mateo County, nearly one in three babies (31%) is born with fewer resources than average.  And one out of every five (20%) is born into a low-asset neighborhood, where large proportions of families are struggling against great odds to create opportunities for their children to blossom.

If we truly believe that that every child in every community deserves an equal chance to build a life that is productive, fulfilling, and joyful, we must commit to a more meaningful understanding of “opportunity.”  A society where some children come into the world already behind because their parents can’t afford health care or find a job that pays a living wage is not a society that embodies equal opportunity.  It is up to us to acknowledge this moral imperative and develop the political will to make it right.



Spotlight On Success: Virtual Dental Home

While the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children see a dentist when their first tooth appears or no later than their first birthday, for many families in San Mateo County, accessing dental care is a real challenge. Cost, distance, schedules and unfamiliarity can all act as deterrents. The Virtual Dental Home (VDH) seeks to address all of these. A signature investment of First 5 San Mateo County (F5SMC), the VDH helps to improve and maintain the oral health of children and the community by providing dental care in places where people live, work, attend school, receive social services, and beyond. Since F5SMC began funding the program in 2012, more than 1,125 children have been served.

One of the ways that the VDH program provides services to children in San Mateo County is by bringing dental services to them. Schools enrolled in the program are given the option of having a dental hygienist and a program navigator set a schedule based on the number of children being served. A part of the VDH model includes the signature “big red chair” that is used during dental visits. This, along with bringing dental care to schools, was put in place to be more inviting and provide services to children who may have a fear of seeing a dentist out of their comfort zone.

Take for example four-year-old Henry.* Henry received the preventive dental care he needed from the VDH right at his very own preschool. Henry was once terrified of dental equipment and not very comfortable going to the dentist, but with the help of patient and reassuring VDH staff, and the “big red chair”, he got over his fear and even participated in his own examination. Getting exposure to early dental care in a comfortable place was a critical step for Henry, who is now connected to regular care after graduating from the VDH program.

San Mateo’s transitional housing facility First Step is one of several locations where VDH currently provides services. There, three-year-old Jacob* complained about the extreme pain he was having in his preschool classroom. A visit from the VDH allowed program staff to learn about the severe and rampant decay in Jacob’s teeth – it was apparent that Jacob needed urgent care. But as a single mom working two jobs, it was difficult for Jacob’s mother to accommodate the time needed for his additional dental work.

Without hesitation, the VDH team and site dentist shifted their schedules to accommodate the family and successfully complete Jacob’s dental treatment. Run by the Ravenswood Family Health Center, the VDH has provided dental services in 11 locations in the last year alone, serving 650 children.

Thanks to VDH, families in San Mateo County can receive the dental care services they need and establish a healthy dental routine for their future.

*Names changed to protect privacy.