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Young boy toddler wearing blue plaid shirt smiling at a card game being shown to him by a young girl

Healthy & Happy

As a parent, we know your child’s health and well-being are at the top of your priority list. There are so many health considerations and developmental milestones to track as your child grows from newborn to infant to toddler to preschooler.

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First 5 San Mateo County has information, resources and programs to help your young family thrive.


Calm fears and find information to prevent infant sleep-related deaths (SUIDS/ SIDS). Back is best!


Breast milk is best for your baby. And the benefits extend way beyond nutrition – it can protect against viruses, asthma and allergies, it’s free and can even help you lose the baby weight!


Starting good eating, drinking and physical activity habits early sets your child on the path to lifelong health.

the Otter

Potter is a lovable otter who loves to drink water and be healthy. He wants you – and any young children you know – to do the same.

Car Seat

Baby on Board! The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department provides FREE car seat inspections.


Health insurance is a necessity for keeping you healthy and financially secure. San Mateo County can help you figure out how to get or stay covered. Legal immigration status is not required.


Learn how to recognize and support your child as he or she goes through developmental stages and reaches milestones like crawling, talking and walking.

Social and Emotional Development

Early childhood mental health is all about a child gaining social and emotional skills. Children who feel safe and secure have the easiest time learning these skills.

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Information for Parents, Caregivers, and Staff Working with Young Children

Healthy Baby Gums and Teeth

Healthy baby teeth can make a big difference in your child’s overall health.

Smoking and Kids Don’t Mix

First 5 California has programs to help parents and caregivers quit smoking, especially around children or while pregnant.