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Planning for an Emergency

Planning for an Emergency

None of us want to imagine the possibility of disaster, but thinking ahead can make a big difference when an emergency strikes. Make a plan, prepare an emergency kit, and talk to children about how to respond in a fire, earthquake, or other emergency event. Involving children in planning and discussing potential disaster scenarios can reduce their worries, and make it more likely that they’ll remember what to do. Additionally, thinking in advance about how we can respond to children as trusted adults can help us find the right words to comfort and reassure them in a difficult situation.

There are many resources available to help you prepare for an emergency. In San Mateo County, SMC Ready provides a centralized hub for emergency preparedness information. Here you can sign up for SMC ALERT, an alert notification system that can immediately contact you during urgent or emergency situations via email, mobile phone, or landline.


In addition, here are some state and national resources for kids, families, educators, and service providers.

For Kids:

 For Parents and Families: 

For Providers and Educators: